How to breed cats

breed cats

5 tips to breed cats

Tip 1: Call your cat by his name

Cats really like to hid so it might be useful to train him to come when you call him/her.
Use is name often, when you caress him, reprimand him or fed him. If he still doesn’t come, shake the catfood bag when you call him to associate the sound of it to his name and congratulate him when he comes.

Tip 2: Don’t play with plants

Cats love plants because they love to urinate on them. But it could be annoying for you. In order to avoid this, you can use flower pots for cats or, if it’s not enough, spray some water on him. After a while, he will understand that it is forbidden.

Tip 3: No miaow during night time

Cats owners often encounter this problem. If you want to be able to sleep without being annoyed by your cat, just change the hours of his meals or buy an automatic food dispenser.
Cats can also miaow during the night when they are bored. If that’s the case, play with him before bedtime and give him a silent toy (teddybear).

Tip 4: Give paw

It’s a lot harder than with dogs, but still possible. Have your cat sit and touch him at the elbow joint. By reflex he will raise his paw. At the same time, give him an order (“paw”), then give him a reward.
You can also try to lure him with an object and when he tries to get it you just catch his paw and hold it for a few seconds. Do it all over again a few time and give him a reward each time, them once every 2 times, …

Tip 5: No claws on furniture

Buy a starching post and srapy some Feliway or any other product that could attract him.
Keep your water spray close by, just in case!